Dobrá voda fishing regulation

Non trout water – both ponds


1. Closed season from January 1st to June 16th for following species:

– Northern pike (Esox lucius)

– Sander (Stizostedion lucioperca)

2. Fishing is allowed daily. A permit issued by a ranger is required.


1. Tackle, angling methods, baits

a. Every angler may use up to two rods each with two lines and two single hooks when fishing for non predatory fish.

b. Two rods each with one line and a single hook is allowed when fishing for predatory fish.

c. When fishing with a lure, only one rod with an artificial lure is allowed.

d. When fly fishing only one rod is allowed with up to three single hooks flies.

e. Use of dead fish as bait and use of artificial lure is allowed from June 16 to December 31.

f. Fishing with a live bait fish is allowed from September 1 to December 31.

g. Mandatory angler´s equipment: landing net, carp keep net, cradle unhooking mat, pean, tape measure; recommended equipment: disinfectant to clean the wound after the fishhook is removed

h. Use of in-line spring feeders with fixed hooks (srkačka) is forbidden.

i. Use of barbed hooks is forbidden

When using a bank fishing holder, hooks, sinker and /or bait feeder must be attached in such a manner that if the fishing line breaks in any spot, the only thing that is left in the fish´s mouth is the hook with part of the line (not sinkers or feeders)


2. Possession size limits (maximum and minimum) in cm

Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) min. 40, max. 60

Zander (Stizostedion lucioperca) min. 40, max. 60

Northern pike (Esox lucius) min. 50, max. 75

Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) min. 50, max. 70

Common tench (Tinca tinca) min. 25, max. 40

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) min. 25, max40

Brown trout (Salmo trutta) min. 25, max 40

American brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) min. 25, max 40

Sturgeon (Acipenser) is preserved all year

Bighead carp(Hypophthalmichthys nobilis)no limits


a. To determine the legal length of a fish, measure from the nose or jaw to the farthest tip of the tail when fully extended.

b. There is no minimum size for other fish species.

c. Catfish (Silurus glanis) and Silverfish (Carassius auratus) are considered detrimental fish and must not be returned to the water.


3. Other rules

a. Anglers must keep a distance of min. 5m from other anglers when fishing with a standard tackle i.e. bottom fishing or fishing with a float (bobber).

b. When fishing with a lure of artificial fly anglers must keep a distance of at least 20m from other anglers.

c. Angler and his accompanying party must not disturb other anglers by noisy or otherwise unacceptable behaviour.

d. Depositing of fish scales, intestines or any fish part into water or onto the pond shore is prohibited.

e. Littering of any kind (including cigarette butts) is prohibited.



1. Daily catch limit and the system of catch registration

a. A daily catch limit for each permit is 6 kg of fish:

b. Maximum of 2 pieces of following species or a combination: Common carp, Sander, Northern pike, Grass carp, Bighead carp, European catfish, max. 4 pieces of Common tench and 4 pieces of Perch.

c. The length and species of any fish in angler´s possession must be immediately filled in the catch list, which is enclosed in the angler’s permit. Fish in a carp keep net or in a fish bin is consider in fisherman´s possession. Before leaving the pond area every angler has to submit the list to a ranger on duty even if he/she takes no fish.



Fishing hours: The permit is valid for 24 hours from the moment of purchase.

Night fishing is allowed.

Price list (valid from January 2016)

We offer for free


Showers with hot water

Wooden shelters

Spots for bivouacs

Club card (requirement)              200 CZK


Permit including fish

Half day               12 hours             1 fish     3 kg                       550 CZK

Day                        24 hours              2 fish      6 kg                      1100 CZK

Weekend           72 hours              6 fish     18 kg                     2800 CZK

Week                   7 days                   14 fish   42 kg                     5000 CZK


Weekend permit price includes 2 fish (non trout water: carp, pike, catfish, aspius, sander; trout water: carp) or relevant number of listed fish , but 6 kg per day max.   If exceeding the maximum weight, you must pay for the extra weight at CZK 100 per 1 kilo


Catch and release

Half day               12 hours              no fish  300 CZK

Day                        24 hours              no fish  600 CZK

Weekend           72 hours              no fish  1500 CZK

Week                   7 days                   no fish  3500 CZK


Ice fishing (winter season)

Day                                                       4 fish     400 CZK




Accommodation fees include cabin rental, electricity, bed linen, final cleaning

4-bed cabins price includes  24-hour stay

Only a Dobra voda permit holder can rent a cabin, 2 permits for a fully booked cabin.


Cabins 4,9,11,12,5,6  price list

1 person              24h                                       400,-

2 people              24h                                       800,-

3 people              24h                                       1000,-

4 people              24h                                       1200,-

1 person              72h                                       1000,-

2 people              72h                                       2000,-

3 people              72h                                       2500,-

4 people              72h                                       3000,-


Cabins 2,3,1,10,7,8 price list

1 person              24h                                       400,-

2 people              24h                                       600,-

3 people              24h                                       800,-

4 people              24h                                      1000,-

1 person              72h                                      1000,-

2 people              72h                                       1500,-

3 people              72h                                       2000,-

4 people              72h                                       2500,-

1 cabin/ one-week stay

168 h                                                                                   5000,- for all cabins

Firewood/campfire at the cabin                              150,-

Dog fee                                                                              50,-


Suite price list

2 beds                  1 night (24 hours)                           1500,-

4 beds                  1 night (24 hours)                           2500,-

6 beds                  1 night (24 hours)                           3500,-

2 beds                  3 nights (72 hours)                         4000,-

4 beds                  3 nights (72 hours)                         8000,-

2 beds                  7 nights (168 hours)                       8000,-

4 beds                  7 nights (168 hours)                       12000,-

6 beds                  7 nights (168 hours)                       16000,-

No pets allowed in the suite